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Birth Date: April 3, 2023

Sex: Male

Coat: Shorthair, peppery fur colour

Highlight: Unique look on the sweetest kitty!

Likes: Cats, dogs, Churu treats, neck snuggles

Dislikes: Being picked up too fast, kids that are not cat savvy

Adoption Fee: $100

Hi! I'm Armani!

I got this name for my beautiful unique designer fur! It’s so hard to describe…kinda like if someone spilled a whole pepper container on the back a white cat. My feet and neck are white but the rest of me is speckled black and grey -  just like pepper! Very fashionable fur! Must be seen to be appreciated. Just call up Furever Friends Cat Rescue and they can make an appointment to show my stylish shorthair. I can do a little runway spin to model myself on the catwalk. 

I'm not sure what is trending in cat personalities at the moment, but I think I got what it takes to be a 10/10! I'm sweet and playful. I'm considered to be a calm kitten. I know, I know…calm kitten…those words don’t even go together, but that is exactly what I am. I'm trying something new rather than just an "off the rack", everyday cat experience. I'm one of a kind and should not be overlooked when searching for a new member to add to your family. 

While I will probably never be on the cover of a “fashion magazine”, I will absolutely most certainly be on the covers of your bed! This is a spot I cherish after being abandoned. My story will probably never grace the pages of Vogue, but if my story ever makes it to print it, would be a rags to riches, feel good story.


I can see it now…kitten found abandoned near a local school, at the point of starvation, draws notice of a family in the area. Who would drop off this good looking kitten? They immediately started the process of his rescue. His unique look drew international attention after his initial vetting by FFCR. Armani is now an Instagram influencer with his own line of salt and pepper designer coats…amazing right?


Actually, all I hope for is to be adopted, loved by a family, and never abandoned again.

Armani is fully vetted and available for adoption.

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