Birth Date: December 26, 2017

Sex: Female

Coat: Shorthair, Grey and white

Highlight: Very affectionate!

Likes: Cats, cuddles and playing

Longest Stay Icon.png

Dislikes: Dogs and loud noises

Adoption Fee: $60

And the winner of the Best Cat award goes to…BETH!! (applause)


Good evening everyone, my name is Beth. I am honoured to be awarded Best Cat. I would like to thank my sponsors, Winkler Veterinary Clinic for providing top notch vet care, and Pet Valu for their behavioural and nutritional coaching. 


I have faced many challenges in my career as a cat, but they have brought me here today. One of the toughest was a ride under the hood of a vehicle, where I was badly injured by the fan blade. I exited the vehicle as soon as it slowed down, and found myself in Altona; an unfamiliar place with nowhere to eat, no shelter and plenty of dangerous animals waiting to “finish me off”. I limped around the southwest corner of town and found a few families that were willing to help me. Someone put out a shelter and food for me, then called Furever Friends Cat Rescue. 


This was a low point in my cat career and I did not trust anyone. My leg injury was badly infected and I was terrified. I would have succumbed to death had I not been live trapped and provided with superb treatment in my foster home, along with sponsored vet care. These experiences have strengthened me and made me the cat that I am today. One who loves playing and entertaining. One who will snuggle you and knead all of the soft blankets that you can provide. One who will shower you with attention.


The Best Cat award is something I have been striving to achieve. My talents include chirps of excitement when I greet you at the door, and sleeping peacefully in your bed all night. I have come a long way as a career cat and my outstanding achievement, which may have distinguished me from the other candidates, is riding around on your shoulders. Do not worry! I am a small cat, only 6 pounds and fully grown. This special skill was recognized and honed by my foster family. I would like to thank them, especially, for helping me win this award. 


I am extremely grateful to be recognized for my cat work these past few years. I will never give up striving to be the best cat, and hope this persistence allows me to reach my next goal…a permanent home. Thank you!

Beth has been fully vetted, including spay, blood tested, treated, vaccinated, and tattooed.