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Birth Date: September 20, 2023

Sex: Male

Coat: Shorthair, Flame-point Siamese cross

Highlight: Busy as a bee and a big snuggle bug!

Likes: Cats, people, snuggles, playing

Dislikes: VERY slow intro needed to dogs

Adoption Fee: $100

My name is Bumblebee.

My story starts on the street. Specifically, the spot where I fell out from underneath a vehicle - it's where I stayed for a few days. I was so scared. The noise from the cars driving by was so frightening, but I didn't move. What if my family came back to find me? I needed to stay right there and wait.

One afternoon a car stopped and a guy got out. He tried to give me food, but I said no. He tried to catch me, but I said no. He told me he had a nice warm pound with a little bed just for me, but I said no. I tried to explain to him that I was waiting for my family and I really missed my momma cat, but he wouldn’t listen. He pulled out a kennel and said I had to go. That it was getting too cold for a little kitten to be outside and soon I would freeze my ears and tail off. He said it was too dangerous to be on the street. That sooner or later I would be hit by a car. He didn't understand that if I moved from that spot I'd never see my family again. I wanted to fight him and scratch him, but I was exhausted. I meowed loudly and tried to escape his grasp but he was much stronger. I was feeling so weak without my mother’s milk.


He took me to the pound. I was so sad because I knew my momma would never find me. She was going to be so worried. I kept meowing and tried to climb the cage I was in hoping to escape. Eventually I settled in a fluffy little bed that still travels with me whenever I go to the vet or a foster home. It still soothes me to be near something fluffy.
He gave me wet food and Furever Friends volunteers came by to give me kitten milk, but I'm a big boy and I ate all the soft food instead.


The rescue people told me I was going to be okay and so I wasn't quite as scared anymore. I still missed my mom but I let them cuddle me and I loved feeling secure in their arms. All of the reassurance and attention from the volunteers gave me the courage to come out of my fuzzy little bed and want to be part of a family again. The rescue people told me now that I'm all vetted, I'm ready to be adopted. That one day I'll have a new human mom with some new siblings to play with and a whole new life! I'm excited! Do you want to be my new mom?

Bumblebee is adoption pending.

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