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Birth Date: April 4, 2023

Sex: Male

Coat: Shorthair, brown and white striped tabby

Highlight: Cute, playful and sweet!

Likes: Cats, dogs (slow intro), kids (slow intro), toys, food

Dislikes: Vacuums, car rides

Adoption Fee: $100

Hi, I'm Bumper.

This is the story all about how my life got twisted upside down. If you have a minute to read through my profile, you'll find out all about how I got to be at Furever Friends Cat Rescue and how my life was changed forever.

You see, life was pretty good. My mom had found us a really nice place to live in an abandoned bunny hole. I know what you’re thinking… how awful... but this was actually luxury accommodations for a feral kitten. Then some high school kids discovered me and my family and they thought they could catch us. Ha! We said "good luck with that!”


My momma taught us that people are scary. Little did we know that these kids told an adult that volunteers for Furever Friends. We got food and water every day and we did not have to wait for mom to catch something for us! Then one day there was this shiny thing with some really yummy and smelly food in it. Well gosh darn it, it was a trap! Wham! Next thing I know, I was in a carrier, on my way to be an "inside cat". Inside cat. Ha! I said “good luck with that!”


I'll always be a tough little street cat. My brother, Thumper, and I were very scared at first, but we always had good food and didn't have to find a new home every time it rained. Thumper began to trust our foster mom and he tried to get me to like her, too. I said "no way! good luck with that!”


But then I got a little sick and foster mom said that I needed medicine. I let her give me the medicine, but I let her know I wasn't very happy about it. Next thing I know, I started feeling better and realized that maybe foster mom isn't so bad. She brought us yummy treats that we lick up (tube treats I think she called them) and all these fun toys. This was shaping up to be a good life being an "inside cat."  


Thumper got adopted before me, so that left me to live with foster mom, the other foster cats and her dogs. The other cats were really nice, but I told them “no way am I going to be friends with a dog! Good luck with that!"


I wanted to be boss over the dogs. And would you look at that, they let me! What good dogs…almost like…friends. So now I live the good life. Running around with my young cat friends, the other older cats who can't keep up with my speed. My foster mom feeding me whenever I ask, I am a growing young cat you know. Taking long afternoon naps in the comfy cat beds…inside life really suits me. 

From being captured, to inside, trusting people, to even liking the dog…Ha, did they show me! Now all I need is an adoptive home.. and I hope someone wishes me "good luck with that!”

Bumper is fully vetted and available for adoption.

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