Birth Date: September 30, 2020

Sex: Female

Coat: Short hair, grey

Likes: Cats, feather wands & cat tents

Dislikes: Winter, cold & outside

Vetting: Spayed, blood tested, treated, vaccinated & tattooed

Adoption Fee: $100

Hi, my name is Chanel.

I have solid grey fur from my Russian Blue heritage. My colour looks really good on pink, but it actually matches almost everything! Grey is a very popular colour choice right now for walls and floors, I would blend right in! Even though one of my ears froze off, I think I still look pretty cute. People tell me all the time I am a sweet little thing.

I can be a little shy so my foster family helped me with a daily morning mantra..."You is strong! You is brave! You is confident!" They helped me get over my terrible experience being abandoned in the longest, coldest part of winter. I was trying to survive by keeping warm in a heated dog bowl. My feet are still healing from being frozen. I love all the attention I get from my foster family and it is so much fun to play with them. The older cat doesn’t care much for my kitten energy level but I would love a cat to snuggle and play with in the family that adopts me. Dogs are a little scary, young children are a little scary too because being picked up is sometimes a little scary. I still have to tell myself every morning that things are going to be okay and that I was very lucky a nice lady saw me in that heated bowl, I would have died for sure if she had not helped me.


I would love to play with you...especially if you have a cat tunnel and a feather wand. My favourite game is super sneaky ninja pounce! I have had my spay, vaccinations, treatments, booster, blood tests and tattoo. I am ready for adoption.