Birth Date: June 17, 2020

Sex: Male

Coat: Shorthair, White and black

Highlight: All around great cat!

Likes: Catnip toys, cats, dogs, kids, cat towers, snuggles

Dislikes: Wet cat food, but for his own health we are trying
to change his mind!


Adoption Fee: $80

Hi, my name Checkers!

I don’t have a sad story. I'm just one of the many cats rescued from the pound. My story is not traumatic, I didn't lose a leg in a trap or survive an awful illness. I'm just a regular, healthy cat with all four of my legs, full set of ears and no missing parts of my tail. 

Maybe because my rescue story is boring it makes me a very well rounded cat! I have no behaviour problems. I won’t start to tremble like a leaf when you pick me up or pee outside the litter box. I actually like being picked up! I love attention and being petted. I didn't lose my confidence from being abused, so if you adopt me I will make myself right at home in your place. I won’t hide under the couch for days or hiss at your children. In fact, I love kids! They're fun to play with and I'm gentle with them. I was never tossed out a car window or abandoned on the road, so I have no residual limp or even a great story to make you cry. I'm just a regular cat…

I will sit on your lap when you take the time to sit. I will play with the toys you give to me. I will nap in the sun and hunt through your window. I'm as "normal" as you can get in a cat! I love to be petted and I meow at meal time. I sleep on the bed at night and relax on the couch during the day. I have no weird ticks or mannerism, like some of those other rescue cats. I even like other cats and get along with dogs, too. I think I'm about the best cat Furever Friends Cat Rescue has right now and you should apply to adopt me!

I've already been completely vetted, including my neuter, vaccinations, tattoo, treatments, and blood tests. My vet said I'm really healthy and couldn't find anything majorly wrong with me. Shoot...those sick guys often get adopted right away! I guess I'll just have to wait for the right family. Maybe a "normal" family will come along to adopt a "normal" cat like me. Will it be you?