Birth Date: June 17, 2020

Sex: Male

Coat: Shorthair, white and black

Highlight: All around great cat!

Likes: Catnip toys, cat towers, cats, snuggles

Dislikes: None

Adoption Fee: $80

Hi, my name is Checkers.

I love to get pets, especially on the top of my head! Any kind of kitty treats, I love those too! I will be your best friend, not just cuz you give me treats, but because I enjoy cuddles. When you're not around for cuddling, because you have to go to work to buy the treats, I'll be soaking up the sun in my favourite spots in the house. Or, maybe you have a cat to play with? I love cats. I'm timid around dogs, but got used to the calmer one in my foster home and even rubbed up against her after a few weeks. But, I hope there's a cat in my adoptive home because I was fast friends with the one in my foster home and we loved playing together. 

I'm just a really happy-go-lucky cat! I really appreciate being rescued. Did you know that I was in the pound? No one got me out of there, so FFCR had to step in and save me. I took the last spot available in the rescue and I'm hoping to be adopted quickly so that another cat can be saved from death row, just like I was. 

I've been fully vetted including neuter, vaccinations, blood tests, treatments and tattoo. Fill out an application form and then let’s eat some treats!