Birth Date: February 14, 2021

Sex: Male

Coat: Shorthair, orange mackerel tabby

Highlight: Super cuddly!

Likes: Cats, dog, people of all sizes, chasing toy balls, playing...lots of playing

Dislikes: None

Adoption Fee: $100

Hi there!

My name is Cheeto and my first family really sucked! I was often left outside for days. Sometimes without food and water. Sometimes in the rain without a shelter. But, I had a guardian angel looking out for me! She came and gave me food when I had none and she let me come inside her house when I was cold or wet. She gave my family heck about my treatment, but they never listened. She called Manitoba Animal Protection, but they never helped me either. I felt like she was the only person in the whole wide world that really cared about me. She kept her eye on me and I loved to visit with her and her big sweet dog.

Then, one day my family moved away. They packed everything up but me. They abandoned me! They left me all by myself! I was so sad and hurt!

My guardian angel knew this was going to happen and she told me that it was all going to be okay because she volunteers for a cat rescue! It didn't stop me from crying a little. She comforted me and told me from here on in I would be well taken care of and everything would only get better. She said she was prepared for this to happen and had a plan in place for me. 

I had to go to the pound for a few days…just in case my family "accidentally forgot me" Haha! Three days later I legally belonged to Furever Friends Cat Rescue. They were ready for me, too! The rescue got me all vetted including a neuter. They got me a whole bunch of supplies and food, but the best thing of all is I get to be fostered by my guardian angel! Wow! Right!?

I live inside now and I'm really pumped about that, too. I spend all my time with the dog and other cats! I had no idea there where other cats in her home, they were never ever outside! I love to lie with them and clean their ears. I've heard that there are many more cats with the rescue, living with other angels. One even has the name Angel!!! Amazing right?!

Next up for me is that I'll get adopted! I'll have a much better family. One that would NEVER abandon me. 

Apparently, it's even in the adoption contract. My secret hope is to be adopted by my guardian angel, but she says she has enough pets….booooo. But, she promised I'd get a great home and I believe her. 

So here I am, just waiting for you to apply!

Cheeto is fully vetted and available for adoption.