Birth Date: May 16, 2021

Sex: Male

Coat: Shorthair, orange and white

Highlight: All around great cat!

Likes: Cats, children, dogs


Adoption Fee: $100

Hi! I wandered into my rescue during a star gazing event. 

A nice family had blankets all laid out on the ground and were staring up at the night sky when I invited myself to share their blanket. I just plopped myself right down and asked what they were looking at. The girl told me it was a lunar eclipse event and I should look at the night sky. Nah, I'd rather look into her eyes and roll over for a few belly rubs. Of course, she took me home and it looked like a super sweet place to live! But they told me I couldn't stay. They already had a full house. After checking with the neighbourhood and animal control to see if I was a missing cat, which I wasn't, they contacted the local cat rescue. Those guys lined up a foster family for me and a couple of vet appointments, too.


I'm healthy, vaccinated, treated, and neutered now. I'm ready for adoption!

The rescue volunteers told me my nighttime star gazing and wandering days were done. I'm an inside cat now. Let me tell you - I'm loving it! I love everything about rescue! The food is amazing! My foster family is awesome! The toys….OMG all they toys! 


I'm supposed to tell you a little about myself to help find an adoptive family. Let see… 

I'm cuddly, playful and smart. I'm a cool and relaxed type of cat, nothing bothers me. I adapt to every situation with my chill attitude and you can snuggle me anytime you want… I love a good cuddle. I have no bad qualities like some of the other cats in this rescue. You should see some of these cats…they are going to need some special families!!  But me, I'm an all around great guy. My foster family tells me I'm just about as perfect a cat as they've ever seen!

Do get your application ready, I probably won’t last long in rescue!

Chester is fully vetted.