Birth Date: October 19, 2019

Sex: Male

Coat: Shorthair, Orange & white

Highlight: He's snuggly!

Likes: Most cats, cat toys and wet food

Dislikes: Dogs and dominate male cats

Adoption Fee: $80

Hi everyone!


I would like to introduce myself, I'm Chevy. I was found injured, abandoned and shivering underneath a pickup truck. I was suffering from a bad, deep bite wound. The infection got into my bones. I had also been hit by a car. Talk about bad luck! This is what happens when someone just drops off a cat in unfamiliar territory. They have to fight and take chances. Sadly, I did not have the skills. I was already dying from starvation at the time of my rescue. The vet took one look at me and said "He might lose a leg and the tail, if he makes it at all". Hey! I may not have great survival skills, but I definitely fought for my life and I made an amazing recovery! I kept all my body parts! I have a small amount of permanent nerve damage in both my back legs, so I might always walk with a small limp. That’s not enough to keep me from showing everyone all the love I still have for people!


I absolutely adore affection! I am a friendly, sweet cat! Just as I thought things were going great...more bad luck. I got attacked by a dog while being featured at a pet store. Without warning, the big dog slipped his collar and bit me while I was sleeping. Thank goodness the owner freed me from his dog's mouth before any real damage was done. I was off to the vet, but I made a full recovery...again.

I've been neutered, blood tested, vaccinated and tattooed. All that's left is to be adopted!