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Birth Date: xx

Sex: Male

Coat: Shorthair, black

Highlight: Polydactyl!

Likes: Head scratches, lap sitting, bird watching, chin rubs

Dislikes: Cats


Adoption Fee: $80

My name's Cobalt and I'm considered a senior cat. Though, I still feel young and I'm in great health and keep myself in pretty good shape, too.

Often senior cats are overlooked when it comes to adoption, which is really unfortunate. In reality, if you consider a pet from a foster home based rescue, like Furever Friends Cat Rescue, there is a huge advantage! Cat habits and unique personality traits are already known! Features like my cuddliness and good manners. 

I'm considered a rare find and my foster family says any family would be very lucky to have me as a cat because I'm so well behaved. I also like to laze around and nap a lot so you don’t need to entertain me all the time. I think that being a huge cuddle bug will (hopefully) help me get adopted, but my cutest and most unique trait is that I have extra toes on my front paws (Polydactyl). This is for supreme biscuit making!! 

I'm definitely a lap cat! I'm relaxed, quiet, and just want to be with humans. I would likely adjust to life with a cat-savvy dog, but might not adjust to living with another cat. 

I was once the only pet living as a house cat with a family. So I haven't lived with many other cats, which is why I couldn't stay at the farm I was given to. When my family didn't want me anymore, they gave me to a farm! Can you believe it? Living outside! With cat competition! I lost a lot of weight from stress and not getting feed like I was accustomed to. I had been an inside cat for 10 years, ever since I was picked up as a free cat from a garage sale…I don’t want to talk about that humiliation. 

Anyhoo, I was given to the farm and I couldn't make the adjustment, so I ran away. So easy to do when no one cares. I ended up at the Morden pound…a kill pound! So lucky that there was a space at FFCR for me. The last one to get a spot before the “intake freeze”. 

My life is back to what I need…no it's actually better! The food is high quality and the foster homes are supreme! 
Right now I'm lounging around waiting for an adoption. A family of my own again. I'm looking for my retirement home where I can get plenty of chin and cheek scratches and gaze out the window at birds in their natural habitat from inside…my natural habitat.

Cobalt is fully vetted and available for adoption.

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