Birth Date: September 4, 2020

Sex: Male

Coat: Long hair, Orange & white

Highlight: Cutest kitty ever!

Likes: Jingle balls, bird watching, napping, wet food, brushing

& snuggling

Vetting: Neutered, blood tested, treated, vaccinated & tattooed

Adoption Fee: $100

Hello there, I’m Copper!

Not to brag, but my foster family has told me that I hold the title of “Cutest Kitty Ever.” I’m not sure about that but I have been working really hard at earning the title of “Snuggliest Kitty Ever.” I had a late start to the competition as I was born a feral wild kitten and living the life of a street cat. Furever Friends Cat Rescue caught me and since then I’ve had a full belly, warm bed and humans doting on me all the time. That’s when I started my training to claim the title of “Snuggliest Kitty.” I’ve discovered during my training that when humans sit they make cat beds with their legs and if you sleep all stretched out on your back you’re sure to attract human affection. When the humans don’t have time to help me with my training, I get help from both my feline and canine friends. They’re very experienced and have really helped me improve my snuggle skills. I have to admit my diet is a work in progress. I really like sharing the human’s snacks while snuggling with them, but I’ve been told I need to stick to my kitten food if I want the title, so I’m working on it. My foster family says I’m such a sweet boy and I’m going to win the title very soon, I just need a furever family to bring me to victory … what do you say, Coach?  Can we get the title of “Snuggliest Kitty Ever” together?