Birth Date: May 8, 2020

Sex: Male

Coat: Long hair / Orange

Feature: Super fluffy!

Likes: Cats


Vetting: Neutered, blood tested, treated, vaccinated & tattooed

Adoption Fee: $100

My name is Crash, not because I’m clumsy; I have a brother named Burn. He got adopted, but I’m still available. Why did he get adopted way before me? It’s all part of my rescue story. All of my sibling were caught in a trap. Even Burn walked right in, but I was not going in that trap! No way! I took off with my mom and I never looked back. Later those trapping volunteers told me they cried and cried, they thought I had died because I never showed up again, even though they’d seen my mom eat there again. I did not need the food! With all my siblings gone, I had all mom’s milk for just me! It made me a big strong cat. I also found a secret place where there was a guy who came and fed me everyday. I really liked him and he taught me that people are good! He taught me laps are for sitting, and hands are for petting! He told me that I could stay as long as I wanted, but it was getting pretty cold outside and I needed a warm spot. He called Furever Friends to help find me a nice warm inside home. They came to get me and recognized me right away even though I was much bigger now! They cried happy tears and promised never to lose sight of me again. They promised to find me an inside home with plenty of good food and I‘m hoping for one with another cat to play with because I really like playing! Maybe I can come live with you! I would love to play and snuggle with you and your cat!