Birth Date: June 1, 2022

Sex: Female

Coat: Shorthair, white

Highlight: Too cute for words!

Likes: Cats, kids, playing, sleeping and snuggling


Adoption Fee: $100


Hi there, my name is Cream.

I was one of the many kittens being given away for free on the Buy Nothing Altona Facebook page. You can follow the whole story of how I ended up in a rescue just from watching that page.


I was given away for free…no questions asked and definitely no reference checks done. I didn't come with instructions. If I had, perhaps the person who took me home in a blanket and not a cat carrier would've known that I was born outside so I didn't know what a litter box was. To me, old, rumpled, dirty clothes on the floor looked just as good to poop and pee on as that silly gravel box. My mom never taught me to use a litter box because she just used the outside as her bathroom! Needless to say that my outside habits weren't appreciated in my new home and in less than a week my new family tried to give me away…for free…on Buy Nothing Altona.

When no one else wanted me and my sister, they threatened to get us "put down". But instead, we were just put outside on the street. Now I don't want to be mean, but that was a very irresponsible thing to do. We were only 8 weeks old at the time! We just sat there, not knowing what to do or where to go! Thank goodness someone walked by, scooped us up, took us home, and called the rescue. We could have died! I shutter just thinking about it.

Now we are in a foster home. Safe! Loved! Completely vetted! And ready to be with a family that has been reference checked. A responsible family! Maybe with a few cats or some kids to play with. 

I promise you won't be disappointed by my cuteness. You'll hopefully love my cuddles and playfulness, too. Know what else you will love? My fantastic litter box habits! I learned how to use the litter box in no time at all! I didn't even need a momma cat to show me because I'm one smart little kitty!

Get your application ready because I'd love to show you all the inside living skills I have learned!

Cream is fully vetted and available for adoption.