Birth Date: June 1, 2022

Sex: Male

Coat: Shorthair, brown mackerel tabby

Highlight: Part of the "Stranger Things" litter

Likes: Cats, dogs, kids, playing, napping


Adoption Fee: $100

Hi, my name is Dustin!

I have a bunch of siblings that I absolutely love to play with! I think I'll love to play with your cats, too. I'll be best friends with all your cats as long as they don’t eat my food! I love to eat and that bowl is mine! All mine!

My mom is a feral, that means she's a wild cat, so maybe that's where I got all this wild energy from! Because I love to run and run! And pounce! Pouncing is soooo much fun! Once I'm done playing, I like to sleep…in your lap preferably.

I also like soft blankets, purring and snuggling. I'm a very happy and inquisitive kitten and I should have no trouble settling into a new home as long as you have lots of toys!

I promise to be hours and hours of entertainment for you and your family. All you need to do is contact Furever Friends and you could get a cute kitten just like me!

Love you forever,


Dustin is fully vetted.