Birth Date: January 25, 2018

Sex: Male

Coat: Longhair, Grey

Highlight: He loves morning coffee lap time

Likes: Snuggles, being held, raw food, wet food, dehydrated treats, dogs that are good with cats

Dislikes: Male cats, young children (10+ is okay), chicken (he has a sensitivity)

Adoption Fee: $100

My name is Elliot, I’m a little grey lion! My story starts off a little sad; but, I know one day I’ll have a happy ending.


I had a family, but they dropped me off in the country. They just left me on a gravel road. I was so confused, I thought they loved me! I stayed right where they put me and tried to figure out a survival plan. Luckily for me, this terrible act was witnessed by a lady out for a country jog. She realized I needed help, so she scooped me up and walked with me in her jacket all the way back to her place. She took me in and kept me warm and safe until I could be taken to Furever Friends Cat Rescue.


Talk about traumatic! So many changes in such a short amount of time. Once I got to the rescue, they took me on another car ride. I hate car rides! I’m so scared that I’ll be abandoned again. This car ride ended up taking me to the vet, that was scary too! I got neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, and they even gave me a lion haircut because my beautiful fur was so tangled. I had to have a few more car rides and vet trips to take out some bad teeth…way too many car rides for me!


Now I live in a foster home, which is great! I love being an inside cat. At first, I was embarrassed. I didn’t want my foster mom to see my crazy haircut. I hid in my kennel so she wouldn’t notice me, but this lady insisted on getting to know me. After all that I’ve been through, I have a few trust issues. Who could blame me for being so shy? Well, my foster mom didn’t give up on me, and she showed me that there are still people who are trustworthy. Eventually I grew confident enough that I didn’t hide anymore and my foster mom said I could meet the rest of her pets. She has some very nice dogs, whom I like; but sometimes the younger dog is a little bit of a pest and I have to tell him to go away. The sweet girl cat has become my really good friend. My foster mom wants me to be good friends with boy cats too, but I keep telling her ’no thanks’. She doesn’t seem to get that lions don’t like other male lions in their pride.


My foster mom gives me chicken necks to keep my teeth healthy, and man do I ever love those chicken necks! I pounce on them like…a lion! Ha, ha! Now I think my haircut is cool, because it makes me look just like the lion I am! Once my long coat grows back, it’ll need to be groomed to keep it from getting matted; or I could just get another lion cut. I’m available for adoption, which means my happy ending is in sight! I’m still a little nervous around fast movements, so I don’t think a home with small kids is my best choice; but, I sure am looking forward to having a family to be proud of.