Birth Date: April 4, 2016

Sex: Female

Coat: Shorthair, tuxedo

Highlight: A beautiful companion!

Likes: People of any age, head rubs, making biscuits, cat nip, attention, great conversations, lap sitting and being held

Dislikes: Dogs, some cats, too

Adoption Fee: $80

Hi, I'm Emerald!

I'm 6 years old, which means I'm definitely out of that crazy kitten stage! I won't be climbing your leg, eating shower curtains or bouncing off your walls.

I was taken in by a different cat rescue and was adopted out as a kitten in 2016. But I was returned the summer of 2019 due to "allergies"...pfft. I was returned with another cat as a "bonded" pair. We were NOT bonded! I don't even like that guy! I assume our owner just needed a place for both of us and knew that the rescue would take both of us if she said that we had to stay together…some people.

Just because I didn't like that cat doesn't mean that I don’t get along with others, but I am a little picky about my cat buddies. I tolerate living with other cats and I'm not aggressive towards them, but I haven't really made any cat friends during my time with either rescue. If you wanted an "only cat", I'm a pretty good choice. 

What I desire is human interaction and attention! I'm very friendly with people of all ages. I love snuggles, cuddles, sitting on laps, head rubs and petting! I do have a goofy side that will probably make you smile. That goofball side likes to take dust baths in the litter box. Hey! It helps remove all that loose cat hair. Don’t knock it till you try it!

I'm a sweet and animated kitty. I'm also very vocal and like to talk and have intellectual conversations. We could debate about the do's and dont's of dust baths for hours. I'll definitely miss you when you go to work and be chatty whenever you get back.

I'm available through Furever Friends Cat Rescue as part of a cat exchange program with Kat's Kritters Rescue, in hopes of reaching the right audience for adoption. I've been without a family for a long time and hope I find one real soon. I need someone to love on. Maybe it's you?


Emerald is fully vetted and available for adoption.