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Birth Date: June 26, 2022

Sex: Male

Coat: Longhair, orange and white

Highlight: Super friendly!

Likes: Cats, dogs, people of all ages, to lay across your chest to nap

Dislikes: Tinfoil

Adoption Fee: $100


My name is Fanta because I am fantastic! I am super snuggly, fabulously friendly, handsomely hairy! Pretty much amazballs! I am everything that a cat should be and maybe more. I have all the qualities you would ever want in a cat. You should definitely pick me to be your new family member.


I promise to be really good…I won’t eat your plants or attack your dog. I mean as long as the dog is good to me. I can’t help it if he needs a little distance training at first. I will sleep with you in your bed and make sure you are warm in the winter. I will try not to steal your covers. I can even help out around the house by putting all the dust bunnies back under the stove! 

I like to play and snuggle. Those are great traits to get a real home, right? I hope that I get one…soon.

This rescue is filling up and they could sure use my space to rescue another kitty like me. They actually didn't have any room or funds for me and I wasn't going to be rescued, but how could they say no to my cute face?!? They couldn't just leave me on the street to suffer, starve and die.


I once had a home, but was abandoned…a “drop off” they call me; likely because there are just too many cats being born in this area. A problem I won't be contributing to because I've been neutered! This not only helps with population control but I feel calm, sweet and totally content to be an inside pet now.


The rescue had no space and had to stuff me into a foster home with a bunch of other foster cats. They raised money for all my vetting by fundraising. I would have helped them raise the funds but I was kinda skinny and starving when I arrived. I was still recovering from my ordeal outside. I didn't have the energy to help out with the campaign for funds. But they did it! Thanks to everyone who cared about me and donated! Thank goodness I didn't have any special health conditions. That would have needed even more funds! Vet said “healthy” and now here I am looking for someone to adopt me! 

If you adopt me, I will be the most pawsomest cat you ever have!

Fanta is fully vetted and available for adoption.

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