Birth Date: June 14, 2021

Sex: Male

Coat: Longhair, brown tabby

Highlight: Magnificent Lion!

Likes: Cats, couch days, window hunts

Dislikes: Dogs, young children

Adoption Fee: $100

Greetings to all of my subjects!

My name is Goose.

My story starts off as an unadorned farm kitten. I was one among many, but my distinction was that I was chosen to be the king of the domain when I grew up. TomCat was to be my title. I was going to be the leader of the farm with a territory to control and females to breed. But I was mislead by a mischievous sibling who wanted the title for himself. He said it’s nice and warm up inside the car engine and yes…it was. I could hear both his laughter and regret as the car drove away with me inside.

I ended up alone, hungry, and scared in the wilderness of Altona. Hiding in the long grasses of what was called The Buffalo Creek Nature Park, so hungry without the kibble platter that I was used to. I tried to hunt but I was still very young. I became sick, starved and oh so lonely. I was picked up by someone when I was to weak to move. They took me home to feed me but my condition was still dire and I needed more help. They turned to Altona Animal Control and Furever Friends Cat Rescue. 

Once under the care of the rescue, I was vetted. Treated for malnourishment and worms. I was placed in a foster home, and under such tender care I once again thrived and grew into the strong magnificent lion you see today! I now survey my kingdom from the couch. I patrol the territory of the living room and bedroom.

I still have my resplendent mane of longhair and though it is very attractive to females…I have been neutered, please understand my pride is still intact. 

The only thing about my royal self that is repugnant is this silly name that has been bestowed upon me…Goose. 
Perhaps you can find a more suitable designation… Charles, Phillip, Arthur have a more regal resonation.

Goose is fully vetted and available for adoption.