Birth Date: June 25, 2019

Sex: Female

Coat: Short hair, grey tabby

Oh, hello there.

My name is Gracie and my foster mom says I've got a super cute face. I'm a small little lady, but I've got a big personality. Cuddle time? Maybe later. I've got a lot of toys to hunt down and gather. Oh wait, you've got a wand to play with? Let me show you how high I can jump to catch that feather.

I'm more of an independent kitty who likes to do everything on my own time. I like to be where you are and, of course, show you which toy I found to play with. I don't mind being held, but not too long please - it's not my favourite. I really like the old dog that I live with right now. She's super soft and lets me cuddle with her and even give her a little bath. Other cats are okay, as long as they are not too bossy. 

I used to be a street cat, so there are still some things that scare me, like the vacuum cleaner and going for car rides. Do I sound like a good match for you?

Vetting: Blood tested, treated, spayed, vaccinated & tattooed

Adoption Fee: $80