Gypsy J_Profile.jpg

Gypsy J

Birth Date: December 12, 2021

Sex: Female

Coat: Shorthair, calico

Highlight: Quick to make friends!

Likes: Cats, dogs, children, playing, couch snuggles

Dislikes: Closed doors

Adoption Fee: $100

Hey! Do you want to play? My name is Gypsy.

According to an old legend, a king and queen invited a roving musician into their castle to enjoy what she had to offer. She played and played her music and ate their food, gave companionship and friendship. But after some time they got tired of her playing and cast her out onto the street to live the life as a wandering Gypsy. That's pretty much the story of my life…over and over. 

My first family tossed me out after I grew out of the cute kitten stage. Abandonment is a cruel way to get rid of a cat. 
Living on the streets I was so hungry. So skinny!

I got taken in by a second family, a husband and wife. Things were good for awhile. I played and played, they fed me great food, we had good times just like the legend. We kept each other company until they got tired of my playing…
"That cactus is not a toy!", "Get down from there!", "Why are you always under our feet?" 
I kept playing and playing trying to please them but in the end they didn't appreciate my level of playing and called Furever Friends Cat Rescue to come and get me. At least this time I wasn't thrown out to wander alone.

I was picked up by the rescue who understood a young cat like me is not a good match for an older king and queen. 
They found me a foster home with another cat my age and an energetic puppy. We play until we are all tired and then snuggle with our people and each other. It's amazing! I really hope they can find me a permanent home that loves my playing, cuddles and cute calico spots as much as this temporary home. 

Is that with you? Are we the same speed of playing and loving? I would really, really appreciate a real home so I never have to wander the streets again. 

Gypsy J is fully vetted and available for adoption.