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Birth Date: August 17, 2022

Sex: Male

Coat: Shorthair, black and white

Highlight: Completely adorable!

Likes: Cats, people. playing and cuddles

Dislikes: Dogs, car rides, vet visits

Adoption Fee: $100

I'm not a good bowler. Just thought I'd let you know in case you're looking for a championship bowling cat. 

My name is Jean-Luc and I was abandoned at a bowling alley. I waited in the parking lot for awhile after I was dropped off. I decided to go inside and see what everyone was doing. It looked like a good time! There were families hanging out, laughing and throwing bright coloured balls that crashed into a bunch of white objects. I learned they are called 'pins'. I learned a lot of things that day, like people can be both awful (the family that abandoned me) and great (the family that saved me). 

I also learned that bowling balls are very heavy, the floor is incredibly slippery in some spots, and bowling is not the sport for me. It looked like such good fun I thought I'd try it out, but wow, those balls are bigger than me! I had a really hard time getting the ball to stay in the middle and when it finally made it to the end of the lane, it just touched the pin, which wobbled but it didn't fall! I was gonna go and knock it over, like I sometimes do to objects sitting on a shelf, but the floor was so slippery that I fell and ended up in the gutter! I was humiliated! So I ran back outside.


A family who witnessed my attempt at bowling came over and picked me up. They told me that I was adorable! They said maybe once I grow up I would be a better bowler. They also insisted that there was probably some other things I was good at and I didn't need to be a professional athlete to be rescued. They built up my confidence and made me feel so much better. 

I told them I was one of the best at snuggles! They took me home and I showed them my best snuggles! They said that was one of the best qualities a cat could have. They called the local rescue and told them all about my ability to cuddle and I was accepted into the rescue and this same family volunteered to foster me! 

I'm now completely vetted, including a neuter. The vet said I have a shortened tail and stunted growth so I might never be able to bowl, but that’s ok because I didn't like all the noise at that bowling alley anyway. I'd like a nice quiet home instead. With a family of my own and some delicious food, please.

Are you interested in a small, cute kitty? Do you have some cats that need a buddy? Perhaps I'm a perfect addition to your family. Apply and we can find out if we're a good match…hey, is that a tennis term? Hmm, maybe tennis is my sport!

Jean-Luc is fully vetted and available for adoption.

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