Joey & Chandler

Birth Date: April 13, 2020

Sex: Male

Coat: Joey - Long hair, Black | Chandler - Short hair, Black & White

Special Needs: Chandler is blind

Likes: Dogs, cats, cuddles

Dislikes: Small children

Adoption Fee: $140

Hi, my name is Chandler and this is my brother Joey!


I should tell you right away that I'm blind, and I've had one of my eyes removed. Joey is my seeing eye cat! We do everything together. Joey acts like my eyes, you can hardly even tell that I can’t see. My ears and sniffer work fine, so I got no problem finding my way around, once I get used to a place. I go to the litter box all by myself and find my food bowl just fine! I like to sit on the window ledge and soak up the sunshine, while Joey goes nuts for some silly cat toy. I am definitely the cuddly one and Joey is the crazy entertainer. What a great pair we make!


We like dogs, and cats, but little kids are very, very scary! We are looking for a family that will want both of us to hold and love. A family that will understand that I may not be healthy all the time. Joey is the picture of health! I got a bum deal. I didn’t get everything I needed as a little kitten. My momma tried very hard though, and she managed the keep us both alive in the wilderness. We were the only kittens she had! She is a young feral and FFCR did a TNR for her with a heated shelter and everything! But we want to be inside cats living it up in a home with a family. A gentle, understanding family that will be sweet to me and my energetic brother. Is that you? Do you know someone? got anything you want to add? He’s busy. LOL.

We've both been neutered, blood tested, treated, vaccination and tattooed and are ready for adoption. We hope you'll pick us, because we're a great pair!