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Birth Date: December 2, 2021

Sex: Female

Coat: Short hair, brown tabby

Highlight: Loves to be loved on!

Likes: Cat nip, children, snuggles, being carried

Dislikes: Dogs, cats

Adoption Fee: $100

Hi there!

My name is Jujube. I'm really as sweet as my name. 

I've been told by volunteers at the rescue that I'm an awesome cat and the family that adopts me will be getting the best cat in the whole rescue, maybe even the whole world! I think they might be exaggerating, but it sure is nice to be appreciated by people. 

I was beginning to doubt the love and kindness of people when I was stuffed into small travel kennel and abandoned in winter with my one remaining kitten. But since my rescue, I have known nothing but love and in return I love everyone that I come into contact with.

I love my foster families, I love the staff at the Winkler Pet Valu, I love all the wonderful staff at the Winkler Vet Clinic, and all the volunteers who are doing their best to find me a home.

I show everyone my special brand of love with plenty of head butts! I absolutely love to be held, any attention you have for me will be welcomed. I may even remind you that I need to be picked up and carried around by putting my front legs up on yours and stretching up to you. I'm a great lap cat and super fun to play with!


Cat nip is my weakness. I looooove cat nip and cat nip toys! I have special little trills and chirps that I use to communicate and my purr starts even when you just look at me. I'm a really healthy, confident young cat that enjoys a good game of wand chase!


I hope that I get a home soon…if not, I will enjoy my time waiting for you in a sunny spot to nap. Look forward to meeting you. Snuggle soon!

Jujube is fully vetted and available for adoption.

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