Birth Date: October 25, 2021

Sex: Female

Coat: Shorthair, Bengal/tabby mix

Highlight: 1/3 Bengal, 1/3 Tabby, 1/3 Queen!


Likes: Cats, attention, water, high places to perch, hunting games and toys, children

Dislikes: Dogs, being left alone, babies

Adoption Fee: $100

I am Khaleesi. Part Bengal, part Tabby and part Queen of almost everything. 

I have these incredibly sweet tabby traits, which is very good. My sweet tabby side lets me curl up with you and cuddle. I love to be in the same room with you and observe you going about your day. When you have the time for a break, my tabby side will be there for a snuggle!

My Bengal side makes life a little more spicy. It makes me very active and adventurous. That means I'll climb to the highest spot on your cupboards just to see if I can get up there! 


The Queen part of me will love being up there as I'll be able to survey my kingdom from this tall vantage point. 

Good thing my tabby side is sensitive and gentle. Using my face to rub your hand to let you know that I'd like a few head scritches and petting. My Bengal side is very vocal and I'll let you know exactly what it is I want and need with many different sounds. I'll even do some yelling if you don’t hear what I'm saying…eventually you'll learn exactly what I want, but it won’t stop me from talking…a lot. My Queen side will just stare at the cupboard door where the treats are until you give me one. 

If you're looking for a sweet cute cat, my tabby traits are amazing. My nose is definitely tabby and it likes to be booped. My belly is tabby and loves to be rubbed. My spots are all Bengal and very beautiful! My body will be tall, long and lanky, if my Bengal genes are dominant. My regal posture is from being Queen of almost everything and that comes from being a cat. 

My Bengal traits are sometimes different from regular cats, like the fact that I like water. It's fun to play with and I might even try a shower or bath one day. The amount of pure energy Iis a Bengal trait, too and the fact that being left alone is very hard for me. I also have to admit that I suck on things because I was taken away from my momma too soon and Bengals need to stay with their mother cats longer than regular cats. But, my Tabby side is pure regular cat! The sunny spot on the back of the couch will be my favourite place. I still love to take long naps just like any cat. And 
my Tabby side is not picky about food, like a Bengal. I like all brands of wet food.

My Queen side, however, it likes the best of everything! Healthy food, nice bed, lots of toys and a great family to rule over. I think you would really like me once you got to know me. You should apply to meet me. Hopefully, I show you my affectionate Tabby side and you fall in love with those cute Bengal spots on my fur.

Khaleesi is fully vetted and ready for adoption.