Birth Date: July 19, 2020

Sex: Male

Coat: Shorthair, Black and white

Highlight: Loves to be petted!

Likes: Cats that are friendly

Dislikes: Babies and dogs

Adoption Fee: $100

Yo, my name is Kip. I’ve been working out at Outland Health & Fitness. I’m trying to get into shape so that I can take on some of the bigger cats giving me a hard time. I’m just a skinny little guy. 


When I was abandoned, the people dropped me off in town thinking it was a good idea to put me with a bunch of feral cats in a cat colony. They were like “look at all of those cats, he’ll do well here”. You wanna know what happened??? I got into a wrestling match with a big, tough tom cat and got the snot beaten outta me!


When I was first dropped off, I just sat there thinking the people were going to come back and get me. All those other cats in the colony were looking at me like “what’s he doing here”. I tried not to be scared, but I was. I tried to make a joke with one of the younger ones. I said “What’s a cat’s favourite cereal? Mice Crispies!”. He didn’t laugh. He just gave me a couple of punches to the head. That’s when the big guy came over and the wrestling began. Even the female cats got in on it, hissing and yelling at me, saying they didn’t have enough food for another cat. When I finally got to my feet, I ran! I ran so fast, I accidentally ran onto a really hot surface and burnt my feet. Worst day of my life!


I had no where to go, so the next day I sat outside and tried to tell people I needed help. Some stopped and petted me, most just walked by. At night, the colony cats came again and this time they had boxing on the ballot. I went three rounds with Muhammad Ali-Cat, two rounds with Evander Meowyfield, some big mean muscle cat tried to bite my ear off, and then I’m pretty sure they put me in the George Forecat grill! Nothing but the same thing the next day and the day after that. By the time Furever Friends Cat Rescue found out about me, I was in pretty rough shape. I was hiding from everything. 


I’m getting used to being in a foster home with other cats, but I keep going to the gym - just in case I need to defend myself. I still jump at sounds and try to hide on counter tops. I figure a little height gives me an advantage to the cats on the floor. The rescue took me to the vet and all of my bruises and burns have healed. Even got my neuter done. That big ‘ole tom cat needs to get that done, too. Cut back on his testosterone level and maybe he wouldn’t be so quick with the south paw!


I’m ready for adoption now, and thanks to Outland Health & Fitness, I’m in great shape!