Birth Date: January 20, 2022

Sex: Male

Coat: Shorthair, grey and white

Highlight: Loves to snuggle

Likes: Cats, dogs, children, cuddles and playing

Dislikes: Nothing so far!

Adoption Fee: $100

Hello! My name is Klaus! 

I was just skipping along the sidewalk when I was picked up by the Altona Animal Control. I said "hello!" He took me to cat jail. He was nice, I liked him, but he didn't want to play. 

Then I met a Furever Friends Rescue volunteer. I said "hello!" She took me to the vet. She was nice, I liked her, but she was too busy to play. I did get a really nice cuddle from her though. 

Then I met the veterinarian at the Winkler Vet Clinic. I said "hello!" She was nice, I liked her, she tickled me everywhere. I thought she wanted to play, but it was just a physical check up. We did sneak in a few more snuggles though. I love snuggles!

Then I met my foster family. I said "hello!" They said "do you want to play?" It was awesome! We played and played until I fell asleep in their laps. The next day we played some more! And cuddled like crazy! They told me this is what my life would be like once I got adopted.

I asked "what is adopted?" They told me someone would apply to make me part of their family. They would love me, take good care of me and cuddle me everyday! It sounds sooooo awesome. 


One day, in my foster home, I decided to go out for a skip down the sidewalk. They said "no!" It was the first time I couldn't do something I wanted. I did all these other great things…sleep in bed with people, play with the older grouchy cat, stole the dog's ball…no one said "no" to those. But they said I could never go outside for a skip again. That it is dangerous and I could get hurt by poison, cars, big animals, traps, people, the list was so long…did you know that even just a flower called a lily could make me very, very sick and die!?

I decided that if being an adopted inside cat means that I can never go outside again…then I'm not going outside again! Small price to pay for safety and happiness, right?!

So next…I hope to meet my adoptive family. I will say "hello!" And we will be friends forever after that!

Klaus is fully vetted and available for adoption.