Birth Date: August 24, 2021

Sex: Female

Coat: Shorthair, chocolate point Siamese cross

Highlight: Special home needed

Likes: Cats, calm homes

Dislikes: Dogs, children

Adoption Fee: $100

You can call me Koko. 


Try to refrain from the nicknames. I don’t want to hear anything like “crazy cat” or “Cuckoo Koko”. I can’t help how I was born. It's not my fault I'm missing one of my front fangs. Being a feral kitten and a Siamese cross hasn't been easy for me, either. I don’t want anyone from my new family muttering “Krazy for Koko Puffs” under their breath.


I'm looking for the same love that all the other rescue cats get. If this means that I have to wait longer to be adopted, then so be it. I'm willing to wait until I find a family that will accept me for me. 

I'm shy. I have trust issues. I'm part Siamese. And I don’t like being picked up. Eventually I will come and sit on the couch with you. I may even sleep in your bed at night, but most of the time I will be scared…and run…from everything. 

I understand that the family that dumped me was looking for that sweet snuggly kitten…and I was a huge disappointment. If that's the kind of cat you are looking for, keep going past my ad. I'll never be that cute, sweet, snuggly kitty. 

What I will be is a dang good looking house cat! Aloof table centerpiece…that’s me. You might get some love from me after we get to know each other, but for the first little while you'll get to admire the deepest brown of my ears from afar. You might get to sneak in a few strokes when I warm up but you'll need to be patient before you can study the awesome length of my tail up close.

I know you just want to touch my cute brown paws. They look like the cutest little brown boots, but you'll need to restrain yourself…please. I need time. This doesn’t mean I'll never love you. I'll come to be your buddy, but I'll most likely be snuggle buddies with your cat long before me and you share that kind of relationship. 

I have potential but I also have baggage. I'm doing my best. I'm really trying. I want to be like the other cats in the rescue…it's just so hard. Please just love me as I am.

Koko is fully vetted and is looking for a really calm, patient home. She is adoption pending.