Birth Date: June 30, 2021

Sex: Female

Coat: Shorthair, black

Highlight: Snuggly!

Likes: Squirrel and bird watching, ball toys, TV time, being held, cats

Dislikes: Not much...probably vacuums

Adoption Fee: $100

Hello there, I’m Krikit!

Now, I know what you’re thinking…with a name like that it’s obvious that I’d be black as the bug I’m named after, but I have to admit I was slow to catch on. I grew up on the streets, so I'd never seen a mirror and I was too busy trying to keep myself warm and fed to worry about my looks anyways. It wasn’t until I was in a foster home that I caught a glimpse of my refection and boy was I surprised…I was black!! 


My heart sank. I had heard stories about how black cats are bad luck and my hopes of finding a furever family were crushed. I was feeling pretty down when I turned around to find another black cat - this was no reflection and he was big! I hissed and swatted him a few times and he ran away. I didn’t need his bad luck too! 


I had lots of exploring and playing to do in my new foster home so I almost forgot about my unfortunate appearance, but that big cat kept showing up to remind me. Then one day I noticed that his humans didn’t seem to mind one bit when he walked across their path…in fact, they picked him up and gave him a snuggle. So I got up enough nerve to ask him and you know what he said? That bad luck bit was just a bunch of rubbish! If fact black cats are considered good luck by many, I wanted to know more. 


Did you know pirates often brought black cats on ships to bring good luck on the high seas? Or that in the theatre it's considered good luck if a black cat joins your audience on opening night? He went on to tell me that in Scotland it's thought that when you open your door and find a black cat it's a symbol of prosperity. My favourite though was that Freya, the Viking goddess of love and beauty, was said to drive a chariot pulled by 2 black cats. That old guy might be a bit long winded, but he also seemed pretty wise and I had to admit - I’ve had nothing but good luck since meeting him. I decided right then I was going to be a proud black cat. After all I’m really just a mini panther and what could be cooler then that!


My foster family says I’m ready to find my own furever family and whomever adopts me will be very lucky indeed. So there you have it, I’ll do all the regular cute kitten stuff: playing, snuggling, napping, but I’ll also bring good luck to you and the whole family!

Krikit has anisocoria (one pupil is larger than the other). She also currently has dandruff due to dry skin. That will disappear once she is rehydrated. She is fully vetted and ready for adoption.