Birth Date: June 11, 2012

Sex: Male

Coat: Shorthair, black and white

Highlight: Plenty of great years left in this guy!

Likes: Bird watching, being brushed, making biscuits, catios, children

Dislikes: Babies

Adoption Fee: $80

My name is Lennox and I've been adopted 4 times. I am literally the cat that came back. 

My first adoption only lasted a few weeks. I was a ”first time pet” and the lady couldn't understand the concept of shedding. Sorry…not sorry…cats have hair. I really don’t know what to say. If you have a cat, you have a living furball in your home. Shedding is part of the deal, but back to the rescue I went. 

My second adoption lasted months. Me and this guy were good buddies. I still miss him. We watched sports on TV together, drank beer and chilled out. We kept each other company and when he got a job on the railway, we both thought it wasn't fair that I couldn't travel on the train with him. He brought me back to the rescue so that I could find another family and wouldn't have to be lonely in an empty house.

My third adoption lasted years. It was with a family. Mom, dad, and 2 young girls to play with. I poured my love into this family trying not to be returned again. They even built me a catio outside…which I loved! When their baby was born, they felt they were too overwhelmed with responsibility. I pleaded with them not to return me. I was such a good boy, but they returned me anyway. I was heartbroken. 

I started having a really hard time adjusting to change. I wished the rescue would just put me back outside where they found me and leave me alone. I could make it on my own without a family. But the rescue wouldn't give up and they put me in a foster home. Thankfully it was one where I had been before and I was extremely grateful for the familiarity.

But this family had a cat now and I hated that little thing! They had lots of patience and I wore myself out with all the hissing and growling. Eventually we all became great friends and slept in a big snuggly pile on the bed. This foster home decided I had moved around enough and they were going to keep me forever. Everything was great for years until tragedy struck…my mom ended up in the hospital…for months. Us cats were all alone again. Worries about more long hospital stays and uncertainty about the future prompted our mom to surrender both of us cats to the rescue from where I came. 

And that is where we are at now. Living in foster homes. 

I struggle to maintain some structure and certainty in my life. I hope I don’t get adopted again, unless to a family that can really, really, really commit. I just couldn't take it if I was returned a 5th time.  

Lennox is fully vetted and available for adoption. He's been through a lot and we hope he finds a furever home that will love him until his end of days. He will do well with cats with a slow introduction. He has not been introduced to dogs.