Birth Date: July 11, 2015

Sex: Male

Coat: Shorthair, Black & white

Highlight: A personal shadow!

Likes: Kids, young cats, dogs, dried treats & catios

Dislikes: Car rides

Adoption Fee: $60

I’M BACK! You have another chance to adopt me! I’m a great cat! I like snuggling on the couch, napping in bed with you, movie nights, Netflix, online shopping, working from home. I get along with kids, younger cats and most dogs too. I don’t enjoy having the record for the most times returned to the Rescue!! It isn’t fair because I really am a good boy. I don’t pee outside the litter box, I’m healthy, I’m still young enough to enjoy a good round of play time. This is my fourth try for a home!! Yes, I got hair... and I shed, but I like to be brushed. Yes, I door dash...but I really like catios or maybe you can harness train me to go for walks on the yard. Yes, I meow...but I like to tell you about my day. I also like to purr and listen when you tell me about yours. 


I really like living inside. I enjoy all the comforts of a home and the companionship of people. When I was outside, testosterone was making my life miserable! Always getting me into fights to protect my territory. A lot of miles wandering around looking for those unfixed girl cats. Totally driven by hormones! Someone found me on one of my treks and thought I must be lost, so I ended up in the pound. No one came to claim me, so Furever Friends Cat Rescue came and got me. They changed my life. I feel so calm, loving and content. I love attention and being petted! I love belly rubs too! While I was neutered, the vet repaired my hernia and now I’m fixed in more ways than one. LOL! ​I would like to have a chance at an inside home again, maybe you could adopt me? Everyone who meets me thinks I have a great personality and good looks, too. I’m just a big ‘ole teddy bear cat. Once I get that furever home, life will be the best it can be for me.

Besides the neuter, I've been blood tested, vaccinated and tattooed.