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Birth Date: December 2, 2021

Sex: Female

Coat: Shorthair, grey with white

Highlight: Sweet and adorable in every way!

Likes: Belly rubs, pets, playing, napping, cats, old dogs or ones that aren't too interested in her

Dislikes: Active dogs, loud homes, younger children

Adoption Fee: $100

My name is Lilac.

I am seeking employment as a spot warmer in return for a daily salary of canned food and water. I get along with similarly inclined felines of all ages that are willing to job share spot warming duties.

Your spot on the sofa, easy chair and bed will never get a chance to grow cold while I am around! I work around the clock to make sure your warm spot stays that way. I have years of experience and great qualifications:

- Being able to sense when you get up

- Curling into a tight ball for maximum heating
- And staying warm…unlike a hot water bottle that cools off, I would never abandon my post like that

Once you are ready for your warm spot, I can fill in for other duties in your home, such as:

- Greeting you at the door
- Leg rubs to show you that you are important, appreciated and have been missed in your absence
- Bathroom monitoring
- Entertaining you

- Keeping you company is not just a job for me, but an enjoyment 

Cat tents, toys, and nip are all I need to play independently while you watch. Your smile is my reward for this extra duty. 

I am not a complainer and have never meowed about my job to HR or management. I do my duties without needing any supervision. I know my job in the household and my good manners speak for themselves. I do not take many vacation days and have never missed a day of work in my life for being sick. I also have the most polite meal time manners and would never consider stealing someone else’s pay!

If you are looking for an independent, polite, well mannered house cat please hire me. I do love to be petted at anytime. Doing so lets me know I am doing a good job, but I will not expect to be picked up. I can do my job without being held or expecting lap cat rewards. 

You will not meet a quieter worker and I will never quit. I will work my whole life at being a good cat and a retirement plan for Mexico living will not be necessary. Your love is all I need.

Thank you for your consideration.


Lilac is fully vetted and adoption pending.

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