Birth Date: May 30, 2021

Sex: Male

Coat: Longhaired, Blonde

Highlight: Calm, sweet and cuddly

Likes: Cats, dogs, kids, wet food, sparkly toys

Dislikes: None that we know of

Adoption Fee: $100


Hi! My name is Linden. I’m a cute little kitten looking for my furever home. Everyone thinks that little kittens like me get adopted fast, but often we don’t and we end up growing up in foster homes. 

Let me tell you about myself, so you’ll choose me to add to your family. Obviously, I’m completely adorable! So good looking with my long, blonde hair. I’m good buddies with my brother Oakley, and we loooove to play! I loooove to nap, too. Play hard, sleep hard is my motto! My foster mom says I’m a sweet, reserved and quiet kitten. Sometimes I’m a bit shy, but she says that’s okay because I’m the best at snuggles.

When I grow up I want to be an exterminator because I’m really good at hunting! This morning I caught a mouse and guess where I put it…nope, not the laundry room. Nope, not the basement. Here’s a hint…it rhymes will millow! Maybe you can adopt me and I can hunt toy mice in your house. Not real ones, yuck! Did you really think I’d put a real mouse on my foster mom’s pillow?!? No way! I’m not touching anything that disgusting. I’m a house cat! 

I grew up inside and I don’t have any worms or ear mites. No parasites for me, I wasn’t born on a farm! I’m very healthy, I don’t have goopy kitten eyes or an upper respiratory infection like those “free” kittens. Furever Friends takes care of all of that stuff, including my neuter - which is already done, so I won’t do anything gross like mark up your house with pee. That’s totally disgusting! I am completely ready to be adopted!