Birth Date: October 15, 2018

Sex: Male

Coat: Longhair, Black & White

Hi, my name is Lucius. I love being around people. I like dogs and cats, too. I’m the most easy going cat you will ever meet! I was just strolling around Altona and thought to myself “Hey, it’s against the law for cats in Altona to roam free, I better turn myself in!” So, I went looking for the Animal Control guy. Missed the mark and walked right into his neighbour’s place. It was like he was holding the door open for me! “Oh well” I thought. This looked like a nice place too, so I just made myself at home. Hopped up onto the couch and had a little nap. When I woke up, there was the Animal Control guy. “Hey man, nice to meet you!” “The pound...I’m good with that” You know most cats don’t like the pound, but me...meh, it was ok; definitely a great place to chillax. I wasn’t there long before Furever Friends came to rescue me. “Hey there, nice to meet you.” “Foster home...I’m good with that.” I enjoyed the home, warmth, food, love, attention. I paid that all back with lots of cuddles and purrs of my own. Apparently it was vetting time. So off to the Winkler Veterinary Clinic for “the full meal deal”. “Hiya, nice to meet you!” “Neuter...I’m actually good with that!” See how easy going I am??? LOL. Had lots of fun there, hardly even noticed they neutered me. Now it’s time to be adopted and I can’t wait to meet you too!

Vetting: Blood tested, treated, neutered, vaccinated & tattooed

Adoption Fee: $80