Birth Date: August 20, 2021

Sex: Male

Coat: Shorthair, tuxedo

Highlight: Foster home says it'll be a lucky family that'll get to adopt this great cat!

Likes: Dogs, children, playing, cat nip

Dislikes: Some cats

Adoption Fee: $80

Hi, my name is Luther!

Monochromatic is a fancy way to describe my black and white colours. Tuxedo is another way to describe me, but the truth is that most cats with my colouring don't get adopted. Rescues are full of cats like me because more than half of the cats in North America are black and white or white and black. So, instead of choosing me for my fur you should choose to adopt me for my personality. 

I purr a lot! This is a trait that most people love. I also like to make biscuits on soft blankets, another endearing quality of mine. I'm playful and cuddly…the best all round great type of cat! I have beautiful, piercing green eyes that will stare lovingly into yours…everyday. I even have the ability to become famous…I make great Tik Toks! 

Have you heard about the black and white cat named Tuxedo Stan? He ran for mayor in Halifax. He didn't quite get enough votes to win, but he had a mission to raise awareness about the stray cat population crisis… I could easily do that kind of stuff with you, if you want to. I know a lot about stray cats as I was one! Found on the streets of Altona, trying to find a home before the cold winter weather. 

Black and white cats have been inspirational to artists over the years…Sylvester, Felix, Cat in the Hat…perhaps you just need to meet me to be inspired! Black and white cats are smarter than most other colours…especially orange…those ones just look good but it's all just fluff and fur up in there. 

I have the ability to learn tricks! And I'm trainable to behave in a manner appropriate for households. It just takes a little time and persistence because I'm smart enough to know you are trying to train me.

If you think you absolutely need to have an orange, white or grey cat, just check out the little white spot on the tip of my tail before you make your final decision. Like a candle with a little white flame. It's adorable, right?! I promise you won't be disappointed in my character…consider me…please?

Luther is fully vetted and adopted.