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Birth Date: December 28, 2017

Sex: Male

Coat: Shorthair, White and black

Highlight: He loves to chat and is a total bathroom creeper!

Likes: Cats, wet food, cat nip and water fountains

Dislikes: Loud sounds, dog, crying children and rock bands

Adoption Fee: $80

Hi! My name is Mosey, and I’m a rescue cat.


I started out as a street cat, hunting for my meals and getting free food from kind-hearted people. In the winter, I found a warm insulated shelter to sleep in. I was all cozied up for the season when I heard the sweet siren sound of a female cat singing to me! Sounded like that scene from the Dirty Dancing movie, “oh lover boy, come here lover boy”. Of course, I had to answer the call with my own song! I borrowed a line from Marvin Gaye and sang back “let’s get it on”. But that temptress turned out to be an inside cat and I couldn’t get to her! So, it was more like the Rolling Stones “I can’t get no…sa-tis-faction”.


After traveling across town to find my flirty feline, I found myself in unfamiliar territory when a cold snap hit. She was looking all toasty warm inside a house, while I was freezing my…ears off. I quickly ran to a nearby shelter and found the resident feral cats all tucked in, but they refused to share! I tried to fight them for it, made all kinds of noise and the people living nearby thought I was distressed - I kinda was! I was cold and hungry! I ended up in the Town pound (which is heated, by the way). 


Furever Friends Cat Rescue got me out of the pound and got all my vetting done, including a neuter. Which means, I can officially call myself a rescue cat! Now I live in a foster home. My foster mom calls me ‘Moaning Mosey’ because I’m vocal and make a funny, low trill that sounds like a moan whenever I see her. It’s just the new song I sing, “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and The Waves.


I’m a good boy. Even though I was a wild outside cat, I follow the rules of inside living: I only use the scratch post to file my nails, and always use the litter box. I’m very gentle and I get along with other cats. I don’t like being picked up or held; but, if you’re in the bathroom, prepare for some loving and a song! I’ll come running from wherever I am and will rub against your legs, purr, and let you pet me - so be sure to leave the door open a crack so I can get in. 


I really like being scratched on the top of my head and back of my neck. I also love to show my appreciation every morning at breakfast. However, I’m not very patient and will sing to you loudly until my breakfast is ready - which has to be wet food because I had a mouth full of rotten teeth. I had to get 16 of them pulled! I enjoy canned food and feel so much better without those bad teeth. Furever Friends is still accepting donations for that costly dental surgery, if you feel obliged to donate.


You may have noticed that I have a distinct mark on my face. I’m one of a kind; and this way, you’ll always recognize me! I’m a unique, gentle cat and ready for my furever home. Are you ready to adopt me?

Mosey has been adopted.

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