Birth Date: May 31, 2020

Sex: Female

Coat: Shorthair, Grey striped tabby

Highlight: Timid, but super sweet!

Likes: Dogs and cats

Dislikes: Kids and loud sounds

Adoption Fee: $80

Hi, my name is Moshi.


I was born at the Altona Greenhouse and lived there until just a short time ago. I enjoyed the attention from the customers. I also had some favourite staff that would carry me around and snuggle me, a bright spot in my sunny day! But, mostly I loved the flowers!


Some of the plants were very dangerous and I knew those would make me sick. Others were beautiful and smelled so good that I just wanted to eat them up! I would rub my face on them and smell the bright petals. Sometimes I would be so covered in pollen that the busy bees would follow me around - pesky things!


One day I was smelling the roses when Furever Friends Cat Rescue scooped me up. They said it was my turn to get a real home. I told them I already had a home at the greenhouse! They asked me what I was going to do when it gets cold, umm, I hadn’t really thought that far ahead. I was just sitting back and watching the flowers bloom, but I know what happens in the fall…the flowers die once it gets cold. I didn’t want that to happen to me, so I took their offer.


We went to the vet and I got a spay and a dental, but they haven’t finished with my teeth yet. Once they’re done, I’ll have none left! The volunteers said that I was probably sick as a little kitten and it gave me bad teeth and gums. They told me not to worry though, nothing was going to happen to my nose, so I can still smell all the flowers. My foster mom often picks them and puts them near me. I think that’s so sweet, so I give her plenty of snuggles to let her known I appreciate it. I also appreciate the soft food I get now, I don’t even need teeth to eat it!


I’m waiting for my furever home. If you like flowers and kitties, maybe you’ll pick me, too.