Birth Date: June 1, 2022

Sex: Female

Coat: Shorthair, brown mackeral tabby

Highlight: Part of the "Stranger Things" litter

Likes: Cats, dogs, kids, snuggling


Adoption Fee: $100

Hi, my name is Nancy!

All of my litter siblings are a bunch of Mackerel tabbies! That means we wear our stripes horizontally rather than  that plain old vertical kind!


I'm particularly special from the rest of my litter because I'm the smartest one. I'd love it if you'd teach me a few good tricks! I could learn fetch quicker than a dog. Or perhaps ring bells for treats! I was the first to use the litter box like a pro. Eventually, I may help you out with that hard crossword puzzle. Not only am I the brainiest kitten, but I'm the smallest., too. Cute and clever…win win!

Please reach out to Furever Friends Cat Rescue to make me part of your family!

Soon we can be besties,




Nancy is fully vetted.