Birth Date: June 23, 2021

Sex: Female

Coat: Shorthair, white with tabby patches

Highlight: She's the whole package!

Likes: Cats, kids, snuggles

Dislikes: None that we know of

Adoption Fee: $100

Shhhh...can you keep a secret?

I'm in the Witness Protection Program. My name is Octavia. Of course, that isn't my real name but an alias that was given to me to protect my identity. I witnessed a terrible crime. A stabbing! Right in Altona…can you believe it!?

After the police arrested my family and put them in jail, I was impounded…for my own protection. Since then I have filed many police reports, had interviews with detectives, and might be called as a witness in court! I've been placed in a foster home at an undisclosed location to wait for permanent relocation into an adoptive home. I don’t ever want to go back to such a volatile situation, so I would like a calm, sweet family that loves each other and the pets they have. I have plenty of love for everyone I meet, except for people that try to harm each other!

My foster family says I'm a good girl. They say I'm cute, cuddly and playful! I'm looking for a family that is good…not to mention stable, too. I really hope that my permanent relocation home will have a cat buddy for me to play with or even a friendly dog. I'll hiss and pretend I hate your pets, but secretly I want to snuggle them all night long! It won’t take me long to get used to your place because I'm a confident kitty!

I happen to be quite beautiful, too; at least that's what my foster family says. They're so nice and I like to spend time with them. When one of them is sick or hurt, I spend my time trying to heal them with my purr. I'll spend lots of time with you, too. I'll help you out in the kitchen when you cook and in the bathroom when you're doing whatever it is you do in there…from what I can tell it's mostly playing games on your phone. I'll binge Netflix with you and even sleep in your bed. Though, sometimes I really enjoy sleeping in the cat bed with the other cats. I'll stay inside so I can keep out of reach of the media that'll want to hear my sensational story. 

Will you help me escape my old life and start a new one?

Octavia is fully vetted and available for adoption.

Pets are affected by living in a domestic violence household. They are often traumatized by what they witness and/or are subjected to. If you are experiencing domestic violence and would like help, please contact Genesis House in Winkler. The 24 hour crisis line is 1-877-977-0007. Genesis House has partnered with Pembina Valley Humane Society to take in pets of domestic abuse victims, so they can have a safe place to stay while their humans are seeking assistance.