Birth Date: January 13, 2017

Sex: Male

Coat: Shorthair, black and white

Highlight: Incredibly sweet big boy!

Likes: Cats, dogs, and people of all sizes and ages


Adoption Fee: $80

Hi, my name is Oscar but I'm definitely not a grouch! I'm a very happy cat! Especially since my ear surgery… more about that later. 

My rescue story starts off a few years ago in Winkler. I found myself without home, without food, without love. Of course…it was the middle of winter…and my first priority was food. Hunting trash cans was my specialty. They were very easy prey for a desperate tame cat like me. In the cold I started to lose that nice fat insulation and knew I needed to find warmth soon, too. I found an abundance of both behind an apartment building. Lots of trash cans and even a warm winter shelter! The old feral cat living in that shelter also got regular meals, so I decided to move in.

I submitted my renter application and was rejected by both the old feral cat and the building manager. They said there was no vacancy. The building manager told me that the old feral was already controlling the rodent population and they didn't need another cat. I tried to move in anyway and without any notice I was evicted!

The building manager said a sweet, friendly, Rolly Polly guy like me deserved a better life than eating from garbage cans. She sponsored my rescue! So generous! At first I had no idea what “rescue” was but it turned out to be exactly what I was looking for…a warm home, good food, and an adoptive family to love me!

I was adopted quickly by a family waiting for a sweetheart like me. Sadly, that adoptive family recently returned me to the rescue because of chronic ear infections. Furever Friends spent some fundraiser money and dug a little deeper into the problem…literally. Turned out I had an ear polyp and it needed surgical removal. 

Now I'm feeling much better! No more ear infections, no more polyp, and I'm so happy. They should change my name to something less grouchy now, lol. 

I'm fully vetted and waiting for another family to adopt me. I promise to crush on you hard! I promise to sit on your lap, sleep in your bed, play with the cat toys snuggle everyone in the house, and eat only my food in the bowl…never touching your garbage! Even if it smells like chicken….mmmm chicken.