Birth Date: June 3, 2022

Sex: Male

Coat: Shorthair, orange and white

Highlight: Extremely playful!

Likes: Cats, kids, cat savvy dogs, wand toys, tunnels

Dislikes: Having no one to play with

Adoption Fee: $100

Hello … I’m Oslo!


Yup, just like the city in Norway. I bet you're thinking "hey, I saw this guy already", but that was my brother Rome. We are both pretty handsome guys, but my stripes are a bit lighter.


Did you know the city of Oslo is also called "the City of Tigers"? I wonder if they named me Oslo because I'm a mini tiger? Norway is also known for something super cool … Vikings! I love playing Vikings with my brother. We climb the stair mountains and explore the chair caves, then I wrestle him down like a mighty Viking warrior. That's another way to tell us apart … I always win!


Did you know the Vikings were cat people? Yup, and legend has it they preferred orange cats because they liked our fiery appearance and thought we were better hunters. My ancestors were probably brave Viking cats who conquered the high seas to explore new lands. Vikings even had a goddess named Freyja whose chariot was pulled by cats. Those must have been some seriously big cats! I'm going to be a big cat when I'm all grown up, but probably not that big, haha.


The legend I like best though is Viking men would gift their new brides with kittens. I guess Vikings knew that cats are a good way to make a house a home! I would love to be adopted and have a real home. I never even knew what a house was until my whole family was rescued. My mom was abandoned and raised me in the tall prairie grass. Problem is I haven't had any luck so far finding a Viking to give me to his bride, but if you adopt me I promise I will do my best to make your house feel like a home even if you aren’t a Viking. Just don’t expect me to pull any chariots.


Oslo is fully vetted and has been adopted.