Birth Date: November 27, 2019

Sex: Male

Coat: Short hair, Black & white

Likes: Cats, children, attention, laps, being held, soft blankets, toy mice & sleeping in bed

Highlight: Very affectionate!

Vetting: Blood tested, treated, neutered, vaccinated & tattooed

Adoption Fee: $100

Hi, my name is Pasha!


I came to Furever Friends Cat Rescue through the pound system. It all started when I found myself abandoned outside in the cold. I saw this lady and she saw me, too! I thought maybe she can help me, she looked like a cat lover. I started to chase after her. My legs were getting very tired and then she noticed me following her and finally came back and picked me up. I snuggled her up, real good! I told her to take me home but she said “I already got cats. I will take you to the pound.” I said “No! Not cat jail! Pleeeeaase!” She said if my family didn’t come to claim me, Furever Friends Cat Rescue would definitely come to get a good boy like me outta there. She did not lie! A volunteer came and got me when my family did not. They took me to the vet where I got a neuter, vaccinations, treatment, blood tests and a cool tattoo. Then they took me to a foster home. It’s so nice in foster homes! I wish I could get a real home just like this one...with some other cats to play with and people to snuggle because I LOVE TO SNUGGLE!

I love to play with kids and cats, but not dogs - those are yucky. 


Do you want to snuggle me??? I want to snuggle you! Do you want to adopt me??? I want to adopt you! Let’s cuddle! Love from Pasha.