Birth Date: May 20, 2021

Sex: Female

Coat: Medium hair, White and brown tabby

Highlight: She's a snuggler!

Likes: Cats, children, lap time, snuggles, and stuffed toys

Dislikes: Haircuts, baths, being picked up without notice

Adoption Fee: $100

Hello, my name is Phaedra!

Have you ever heard the saying "big things come in small packages"?  Well, that's me! I'm a big star in a teeny, tiny package. I have a face that the camera just loves, seriously you should see my head shots. My pitch perfect voice fills the room, no microphone needed. Most importantly though, I have the charisma and charm to warm any heart. I'm destined to see my name in lights! 


It's the classic rags to riches story...homeless, helpless and living in destitute with my family under an old deck, until I was discovered at a very young age, just born in fact. Even as a newborn my star power was shining through. My talent agency, Furever Friends, provided me and my foster family with everything I needed to become the diva I am today. Personal assistants, chauffeured rides to the vet, pate food and mani/pedis have become a part of my regular life.  Between putting on concerts and working out on the cat tree (you never know when you'll get booked for an action movie), I enjoy lounging on laps and looking adoringly into people's eyes. I'm told my purr is exceptional. 


Guess what?  I'm about to get my big break! My talent agency called me up the other day to tell me they're working on booking me for the biggest job of my career...I think it's a movie or something called "My Adoption". I'm told the casting director loved me and they're considering me for the lead. What do you think...could I be the leading lady in your life? 

Phaedra has been fully vetted and is ready for adoption.