Birth Date: May 20, 2021

Sex: Male

Coat: Shorthair, White with grey striped patches

Highlight: Loves to be held

Likes: Cats, kids, snuggles and playtime

Dislikes: Nothing yet!

Adoption Fee: $100

Hi everybody!


My name is Philemon or Phil for short. Do you like my picture? I’ve been practicing my “photo” face for back to school pictures. The little human in my foster family has been telling me all about going back to school and I want to go too! 


She’s told me all about the kids…love that!…recess…love that too!…lunchtime…definitely love that!!! She says I can’t go though because I have my own big adventure to go on…getting adopted! She says my adventure will include people to snuggle me, toys to play with and most definitely lunchtime, so it sounds just as fun as school!


Speaking of fun, it’s practically my middle name. If I ever do get to go to school, my foster family says I’ll be the class clown. That’s okay, I’m just a fun lovin’, goofy guy that likes making people laugh. Then, when they’re busy laughing, I jump up into their laps and purr like crazy because I just love people! 


When I was a newborn, people rescued me and my sisters from under an old deck. A bit later my mom got rescued too, but she's never lived with people so she didn’t quite see it as rescuing. I, however, saw how kind people were that helped us and I’m not sure what’s not to love. 


Aside from making people happy, I know how use the litter box, I got something called a neuter, and I’m an expert snuggler and toy tackler. On second thought, maybe I don’t need to go to school after all, I already know everything I need for my future job as someone’s best friend. Do you think we could be best friends?