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Birth Date: July 2, 2018

Sex: Female

Coat: Shorthair, Black

Highlight: Curious and entertaining

Likes: Cats and sleeping in the big bed

Dislikes: Children, dogs and active homes

Adoption Fee: $60

Hi, my name is Rosa. My foster mom calls me Pink because there were so many black kittens in my litter that we all had to have coloured collars. I can’t believe that there are still 2 of us left from my litter! My sister Giallo is still available, too. We call her Yellow. 

I am a shy cat, so my chances of getting noticed are slim. I'm also black, which lowers my chances more. I hope that I will get a home one day, I've already been in a foster home for years. Furever Friends Cat Rescue is accumulating black cats and nobody adopts us. All the other cats get adopted, but ones like me, we wait and wait hoping one day we will get a home too. It certainly doesn’t help that I I have food sensitivities that make me itchy and sometimes I lick fur from my belly. I am working on it and the raw diet seems to help a lot! I also stay away from certain proteins and hopefully when I finally get adopted it will be to a low stress home with a calm environment. 


Though I certainly have things against me like diet requirements and being an all black cat, I definitely have some awesome traits that I should point out… like…I am a huge lover of lap sitting! Your lap is so warm and nice. I also like to sleep in a bed, not only do I love the big people bed but cat beds are amazing! I think I'm one of the few cats in the whole world that love to sleep in them. So your dollars are not wasted when you buy cat beds, I will use every one you purchase! 

I do cat walks! I love head pets so much that I will stand on my hind legs to reach your hand for some petting. I also love to head bump and will do this with you several times a day…actually I will do it as often as I can! I love to run along halls and stairs with other cats to play. I am a good cat, I won’t take up a lot of space or be too loud. I will love you and your cats if you give me a chance. My mom was a wild cat and she taught me lots so I need a kind, understanding person with patience to let me grow into a cat that I just know you will love. 

Rosa is adoption pending. She would like a home that can accommodate her food allergies and afford her diet, without children and with a low stress environment.

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