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Birth Date: October 12, 2019

Sex: Female

Coat: Shorthair, calico

Highlight: Loves to sleep in bed with her favourite human!

Likes: Cats, window hunting, hanging out

Dislikes: Dogs, children

Adoption Fee: $80

Hello, my name is Safta.

I had several litters of kittens before my rescue. In fact, it was turning into a bit of an overcrowding situation inside someone's garage. Animal Control had to intervene because cats are not allowed to roam free in Altona and it was obvious that there were a lot of cats “roaming free”. I didn't know! I was just busy being a cat! Hunting for food, getting mated and having kittens. Soon my place of safety was over-run with my own kittens, some of which were old enough to have kittens themselves! The cat police came and arrested all of us and put us in cat jail - we filled the pound!

I said to the Animal Control guy "Look buddy, when the heat cycle comes on I have to find a mate! I have to make the kittens, there's just no stopping it!" He said that my kitten producing days were done. I was like pfft, you have no idea how the female cat heat cycle drives cats. I proceeded to tell him how I can make a male cat walk for miles just with my scent. How I just have to wave my tail sideways and the boys come running from all directions. He said "Oh, I know! We get male cats from all over due to unfixed cats like you." I said "I don’t think you're hearing me, I can’t control it! I start to rub myself on everything! I start to howl and pee myself a little. I get so frustrated if a male cat doesn’t show up that I'll walk to find an excellent male specimen…it's more than a little embarrassing how obsessive it makes me feel. If I could turn it off I would!" He said "Stop stressing, you will be spayed." What? Spayed? And the rest is pretty much history. 

I was spayed my first trip to the vet. Holy moly! I'm free! Free from instinct! My life is such a relaxing pleasure now. 
I'm in a foster home where food is hunted for me and treats are a daily occurrence. I have no worries about warm places for me or my kittens, which have all found homes. They were spayed/neutered, too! They will never need to feel that drive that makes cats a little crazy. 

I sleep in a big bed, nap on a couch and snuggle with people at my own leisure. Life is great! I have cat toys just laying around waiting for me to play with them and a foster family home all day to pet me. Now I only rub legs to show how much affection I feel for being rescued. I can’t wait to be adopted! Hope you have a big bed so I can sleep beside you!

Safta is fully vetted and available for adoption.

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