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Birth Date: October 17, 2016

Sex: Male

Coat: Longhair, Grey and white

Highlight: Very, very handsome!

Likes: Honeysuckle, cat nip, balls and ribbons

Dislikes: Dogs and cats

Adoption Fee: $80

Hi there.


Some people call me Sargent, some people call me Stingray. It's a bit of a long story as to why I have two names. You see, I was rescued by Furever Friends years ago. I was feral! They named me Sargent. I was a Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) cat. Once neutered, they put me back outdoors. I didn't really want to be an outside cat….brrrr, too cold in the winter!

I started to meow at windows and doors once the snow came. A kind family let me inside. I was so scared to be inside that I crawled into the ceiling! But, I still really wanted a chance to try and be an inside cat. Furever Friends said I could try and sent me to a foster home far away. I spent all winter inside, but once the weather warmed up, I broke out of a screen window.


Everyone looked and looked for me, but I found another home with a big deck and fenced in yard to sun myself. The couple who lived here put a shelter outside for me. When the weather got cold again, this new family thought I should be an inside cat, too and invited me in. They named me Stingray.


I was still scared of most things, but became less scared and eventually I let them pet me and pick me up. When I moved into their home, I had my own room and learned to use a litter box, to play with toys and also use scratch pads. One day when my new family took me to the vet, they noticed my LOST poster and called Furever Friends to let them know that they had found me! 

I love this couple and they love me. We thought we could be a happy family, but I don't like their other cats. They have 4 girls and even though I tried to get along with them, I just can't. We all tried for a very long time, but what I really need is a loving home where I'm the only pet.


Thanks to the loving people who took me in, I absolutely love people now! I love cuddles and snuggles and playing with my favourite toys: honeysuckle, cat nip, balls and ribbons. I can have wet food and Temptations treats, but the only kibble I can have is Royal Canine Feline Urinary food as it keeps the level of crystals in my urine to a minimum.

P.S. I'm such a good looking boy and you should consider adopting me. You can call me whatever name you like!

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