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Birth Date: July 25, 2017

Sex: Female

Coat: Shorthair, tuxedo

Highlight: Great personality! All around awesome girl.

Likes: Cats, dogs, people of all ages

Dislikes: Kittens, puppies

Adoption Fee: $100

Hi, I'm Sheeva.

I was asked to describe myself in one word...I'd have to say 'regular'. In some things I'm exceptional! For example, I'm an over achiever in friendliness. I get along sooo well with people! Cats and dogs, too! I should really get an award for my ability to adapt quickly to changes in my living situation. And my curiosity is outstanding!

But, in other things I'm below average. I hate to admit it, but I'm not good at eating. I'd rather stuff my face with carb-a-licious cheap kibble than eat a balanced diet of the canned food. I have had some urinary health issues so I need an 85% wet / 15% kibble diet to maintain urinary heath. Urinary kibble preferably…blech! Have you tried that stuff? Boring!

I'm also below par in dealing with stress. Sometimes it takes a lot to manage stress though, right? To be fair, I think I'm doing okay. My start to life was pretty rough…

Born outside. It's dangerous out there! Some awful children started tossing me and all my siblings around like baseballs to each other. A lady saw this happening and got really angry with them. Snatched us from those kids and took us all home to be fostered. She gave them a piece of her mind about animal abuse! She got our mom, too and fostered us until we got adopted.


I was living happily in my adoptive home, but I developed a stress related health issue and I was returned to the rescue. I was sad. I'd been living in my adoptive home for 4 years. I still don’t feel completely secure. Maybe in my next adoptive home I'll get to relax completely. 

Between my exceptional qualities and the below average ones, I feel somewhat normal. I'm unassuming, quiet. I'm not needy, but still affectionate. Like other cats, I really do like lap time every so often. I'll gently rub on your leg for attention, often using one paw only to tap your leg requesting pets from you. 

I love head and cheek scritches and I like to be brushed! My fur is also one of my excellent qualities! It's super silky and smooth. My playing is an unparalleled skill, too! Wand toys are my favourite and I LOVE the laser pointer!

Perhaps with all these awesome qualities the word for me isn't 'regular'…maybe I'm unexpectedly out of the ordinary…maybe 'unique' is a better word for me. Experience me for yourself to determine if I'm regular or not. 
I'm looking for that special family to be part of furever. Can’t wait to meet them!

Apply to meet me!

Sheeva is fully vetted and available for adoption.

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