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Birth Date: July 4, 2022

Sex: Female

Coat: Shorthair, calico

Highlight: Part of the bird litter!

Likes: Cats, dogs, people of all ages, playing


Adoption Fee: $100

Hi, my name is Sparrow.

I have nothing in common with those pesky flying mice. Pfft! I can’t believe that they named a cat after a bird! 

According to Wikipedia, sparrows are very social, feeding in flocks and squabbling over food. Well…that does kinda sound a bit like me. I am very social! I talk to everyone in my foster home. The dogs, cats, people, kids…I think they are all great! And I do like to eat. I do want that last bite in the bowl, but I wouldn't call it "squabbling".

Unlike a common sparrow…I will not be having baths in puddles or living outside! I will have an inside home and a comfy place to clean myself. I like to keep my fur nice and clean. My foster family thinks I am very pretty and I like to keep my fur groomed for them to admire my cute calico spots. 

I also like playing and my favourite toy is a chirpy bird toy…hehe. I think I would love to chase a real bird but I've been told that is not allowed. Wand toys are great because they mimic that flying bird action. I jump really high to catch the bird…I mean wand. I'm as entertaining as they come.

Full of joy, happiness, confidence and playfulness. I should mention that I like a real good snuggle too. I have all these great features and I'm very friendly. I'm pretty sure I'll be adopted, right?! I'll make your home my home in no time. I have great ability to adapt. I've heard that Sparrow’s adapt to new environments quickly too…maybe we do have a lot in common…maybe it’s not such a bad name after all, LOL.

Sparrow is adoption pending.

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