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Birth Date: November 15, 2020

Sex: Male

Coat: Shorthair, Orange striped tabby

Highlight: A lot of personality and character in this guy!

Likes: Kids, dogs, being an inside-only cat

Dislikes: Cats, car rides

Adoption Fee: $80

Hi ya! My name is Sprocket! 

I'm available for adoption. If you're looking for a cat, I would like to add my name to the prospective cats you are considering. But! I have a list of… I don’t want to say "demands" because that might give you the wrong impression, so why don’t we just call it a "helpful tips" list. 

1. No cats
Cats are hissy and mean! I don't like getting swiped in the face by the murderous calico that you've had living with you for the past 15 years. Even a slow Introduction won't change her mind about wanting a buddy and I cherish seeing with both of my eyes. 

2. Children 
I love people of all sizes! Kids are great fun to play with. I sometimes get a little squirrelly being picked up and carried around like a football, so well behaved children are preferred...but I will suffer through the terrible twos to eat those tasty little tidbits they drop on the floor for me. 

3. Dogs
Dogs are ok. I don’t mind them at all as long as they're nice to me. I like the big beds they have to sleep on. If they treat me like one of their stuffed animal toys that they tear all the stuffing out of…that will definitely be a deal breaker and it might be your dog that takes a few punches to the face before I submit a relocation request to Furever Friends Cat Rescue. 

4. Car rides
No, noppity nope! I was peacefully sleeping beneath the motor hood all warm and cozy when the car started up and took off! Scariest ride of my life! When I tried to get off, the car was still moving and I dislocated both of my back leg knee caps. So just no. I'm mostly healed now, by the way, but the vet said that I may always have a little residual damage. 

5. No un-necessary trips to the vet
This involves car rides AND the removal of testicles! The Furever Friends Cat Rescue volunteer told me that would never happen again, that was a one time surgery, but what if they grow back? They also took my temperature! I won't traumatize you with the details of that process!

6. Food!
Yes I would like some canned food! Lots of canned food! Yum!

7. The litter box 
Uncovered, please. I really like clay clumping litter but will use any of the compostable types so that I don’t have such a large impact on the environment. I would hate for the ice caps to melt. That would be too much water. I hate swimming! That brings me to number 8...

8. No baths
I hate baths. I'm a self cleaning machine and don't need "to soak" or swim. This doesn’t mean that I won’t be curious if you're having a bath. I find all things people do in the bathroom very interesting. So please don’t shut the door, this may just be our special time together. 

9. No boat rides
Boating in any form is completely out of the question! Feel free to bring home any fish from your boating trip though. Just saying!

10. A loving home
I just want to put in one final request that I be loved by my adoptive family like I was a family member. I enjoy the inside life and appreciate all the toys, food, and attention that my foster family gives me. It's my biggest wish that I have a great home and in return I will be a good boy and show you my appreciation with head bumps, belly rubs and plenty of purring. 

I was rescued from the Morden pound but some other cats weren't so lucky. I feel honoured to be chosen as one of the few that was given a second chance. Will you help my life be special?

Sprocket is a full grown male with plenty of character! He is a very good looking orange striped tabby. Sprocket has thrived as an inside cat and is well behaved. He is fully vetted and adopted.

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