Birth Date: November 4, 2019

Sex: Male

Coat: Short hair, Black and white

Highlight: Snuggle bug!

Likes: Snuggling, sitting on your lap, cat nip and some cats

Dislikes: Dogs and some cats

Adoption Fee: $80

Добрий день!


That says ‘Hello!’ in Ukrainian.


My name is Stache, which is also Ukrainian. It can be loosely translated to ’Stan’. I think the name ’Stache’ suits me much more than ’Stan’. 


My veterinarian, Dr. Oleh, at the Winkler Vet Clinic is also Ukrainian. We have so much in common! We’re both intelligent. We both have extensive knowledge about cats, and we’re both very good looking! And we have our accent in common, too. Having an accent can make it difficult to communicate with the people around you. I think my accent must be stronger than Dr. Oleh’s because I seem to have trouble getting people to understand exactly what I’m saying. What’s so hard to understand about “my food bowl is empty”? I seem to have to repeat myself so often. Meow meow meow meow. You understand that, right? 


Dr. Oleh and I both moved to an area that is far away from our original home. But, there are some things that have helped us feel at home in this area: kind people and perogies! Verenika! Verenyky! Hardly any difference, both very tasty!


I first experienced the local kindness when I was rescued by Furever Friends Cat Rescue. I’m so happy to be in a home, even if it’s a temporary foster home. I have good food, people to cuddle with, and laps to keep warm. My foster family won’t let me eat perogies though, maybe they don’t understand my thick accent. Meow meow meooooow meow. You got that, didn’t you? That I’d like to try the Mennonite version of the Ukrainian perogy, right?


Being rescued has been wonderful for me. When I look outside the window from my cat tower I still see some cats out in the cold that would like to be rescued. But, until more cats are adopted, there just isn’t any room for them. It makes me sad to see them outside, so cold and hungry. Perhaps you could adopt me and make some space for more cats to be brought in from the cold. I’d show you just how much I appreciate having a home by giving you plenty of snuggles. 


I love giving attention to people! I’ll spend time in the same room as you, sleep in your bed, and sit on your lap (until you have to get up). I love being petted, giving face bumps and will even roll over for some belly rubs to show you how much I love you. And I'll get along with your cats, if you have some. I’m a very good boy, please consider adopting me.


Dr. Oleh says I’m very healthy. I’ve even managed to shed the few extra pounds that I'd packed on as insulation to help keep me warm outside. I’m a fit and trim inside cat now. Oh, did you notice my cute moustache? I think Dr. Oleh should grow one, then we’d look like twins. Just two good looking guys with Ukrainian names, hanging out, having some verenyky!