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Birth Date: July 4, 2022

Sex: Female

Coat: Shorthair, calico

Highlight: Part of the bird litter!

Likes: Cats, dogs, people, food, toys, cuddles and playing

Dislikes: Seafood flavoured food

Adoption Fee: $100

Hi, my name is Starling!

I am a snuggler. I'm also a pretty calico, but I don't have any of that 'catitude' my breed is known for. I'm more relaxed, calm, and content than most calico cats. I love to sleep in the laundry basket and can be found napping at the top of any tall cat tower. I have no fear of heights at all! 


My mom taught me all about living life to the fullest before she got hit by a car. I wish she had a backup plan for us kittens though, because we ended up at the pound. Waiting for rescue. It was a sad time in my life that I try not to let bother me. Instead, I contemplate how I can live life to the fullest safely…from inside a house. 

I'll often sit in an empty box and think about how to accomplish a safe, but exciting life. My brother, Wren, is going to live more on the safe side, too. He can be scared of new things, but he is very cuddly. My sister, Sparrow, is going to be a daredevil like my mom. Good thing she will get an inside home, too! No chance to cross a road. 

I don't think you need to hang off the curtains or sky dive off furniture to have a great life. Just snuggles with my favourite people give me a thrill and I purr and purr. In fact, I'll start to purr just looking at you and anticipating those warm cuddles!

I think we'll have a happy life together if you adopt me. I get along great with other cats…unlike some calicos. I also like dogs. I will be a little scared of them at first…it’s hard to tell the friendly ones from the ones that want to eat you. It’s best to be on the safe side in that situation. I might also be a little wary in your home, but that won't last long because I'm part calico and we are known for our confidence. Seems like I got some of the best quality and none of the other ones. 

You should meet me and see for yourself that not all calicos are the same.

Starling is adoption pending.

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